Oxygen Plant Equipments & Machinery Peru, Argentina, Guyana, Cuba

Low power consuming and oil free air compressors Peru, Oxygen Machine Peru, Oxygen Making System Equipment Brazil, Air Compressor Chile, Liquid Oxygen Pump Bolivia , Liquid Tank and Cylinders Argentina. are supplied to our customers. The air is compressed at a low pressure of 5-7 bar (Gas plants) to 10 Bar (liquid plants). The compressors should be maintained properly as per manufactures manual to ascertain the maximum output and efficiency.

Expansion Engine

The expansion engine is complete with motor/starter/ starter shall be of Siemens /ABB/ with hydraulic valve control, bursting disc for safety, hydraulically operated high efficient engine with ball type of valves stainless steel liner vertical type of German design.

Air Separation Unit (Column)

Manufactured out of cryogenic grade STAINLESS STEEL materials with argon welding which is leak proof. The designs of columns are as per American/European manufacturers.

Liquid Oxygen Pump

The liquid oxygen pumps come up with oil free design with special stainless steel head.

After Coolers

The after coolers are cylindrical tank fitted with air coils. The air gets cooled down after passing from compressor and circulating water.

Cascade Coolers

The cascade coolers are fitted with air coils and the coils are half submerged in water. The air cools down the air.

Molecular Sieve Battery

The battery is a special oversize design with L/D ratio to prevent fluidization and long life with molecular sieves of Zeochem, Switzerland.

Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel is employed for supplying electricity to individual motors. It has a bank of on/off switches and fuses. This lets the Operator to control all the Motors from one single point.

Water Softener

The Water softener is made of HDPE having single multiport valve for different plant valve for different operations. It is employed to remove hardness of the water and avoid scaling in Air Compressor Cylinder jacket and water line.