Acetylene Gas Generator Plant Brazil, Argentina

Our Acetylene plant Brazil, acetylene gas generator Argentina, acetylene factory Bolivia, acetylene cylinder filling station Brazil, manufactured with close association with Cryofusion & Mandressi of Italy, are appreciated all over the world for smooth function at minimum upkeep expenses. Come in capacity ranging 20 m3/hour to 100 m3/hour, the machines generate acetylene perfect for different industrial applications. The acetylene producing systems we bring into the market for end users are of an advanced design and incorporate many latest features not ordinarily found in other systems. Now we have our customers located across the world.

This one is a fully automatic and latest plant with a number of uncommon features. We try our best to use the best technology, high quality raw materials and advanced components so that our systems perform for decades without wear and tear and accomplish the requirement of our customers. During the manufacturing process, we depute different teams to supervise the each manufacturing process. Once a machine gets ready to be shipped, we have a final checking process where the plant is assembled and run to find out its efficiency.
acetylene generator plant Brazil


  • Minimal Manpower Involvement
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Skid Mounted Technology
  • Technology of Cryofusion & Mandressi

Description of our acetylene generating plant

Acetylene Generation: Our fully automatic and advanced acetylene generator performs to monitor and control temperature, pressure and level of the machine. Acetylene is generated by having reaction between calcium carbide and water.

Acetylene Purification: In the acetylene purification system, raw acetylene gas is purified. In fact, the gas is condensed, dried, purified and then scrubbed. After purifying the acetylene, it sends for compression.

Acetylene Gas Compression: In the procedure, the purified acetylene gas is compressed to the required pressure via a fully automatic flame proof acetylene compressor. Thereafter, the gas has to pass through a high pressure drier.

Acetylene Cylinder Filling: After purification and compression of the acetylene gas, cylinders are filled in directly without any gas loss.