Oxygen Gas Plant Machine in Brazil, Argentina

Oxygen gas plant Brazil, medical oxygen gas filling plant machine Argentina, medical oxygen plant for sale Brazil, oxygen manufacturing plant setup cost Argentina designed and manufactured at our production units in New Delhi (India) are technologically very advanced and guarantee smooth performance. Manufactured in technical collaboration with "Felice Mandressiā€ of Italy, the machines come in diverse capacities, which range from 20 m3/hour to 5000 m3/hour and ensure purity of oxygen and nitrogen upto 99.7% and 99.99% respectively. The machine finds application in a number of industries. Some of the industries are mentioned below.

  • Gas Distribution Industry
  • Hospital/Healthcare Industry
  • Steel/Bronze Manufacturing Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Brazing Industry
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Glass blowing & Manufacturing Industry
  • Petroleum Recovery and Refining Industry

Driven by technological excellence, we have experienced workforce and well equipped R&D teams to design and develop the oxygen gas producing machines Argentina, oxygen gas genrator plant Brazil, which are easy to operate and meeting the highest standards of reliability, performance and safety. The teams work very hard to ensure satisfaction of each customer. Our designs and capacities vary with each plant, fulfilling the requirement of customers with different capacities. Usefulness, durability, reliability and easy functioning are some of the main factors that go along with our machines. Being technologically very advanced and fully automatic, the machines can be handled by a single operator.

With the years of experience and professional commitment, we have gained the trust and acclamation of a number of customers located over 40 countries. Most of our customers are happy with the smooth functioning of the machines and their longevity. Oxygen gas plants perform for years without malfunctioning. On the other hand, minimum manpower is needed to handle the systems. Being fully automatic, their functioning does not involve complications - a few buttons are there to handle the machine.

Five Step Process of Our Machine to Generate Oxygen and Nitrogen

Step 1: Compression of Atmospheric Air
Step 2: Purification of Air
Step 3: Cooling of Air
Step 4: Separations of Liquid Air Into Oxygen and Nitrogen
Step 5: Compression/Withdrawal and Filling of Oxygen and Nitrogen by latest liquid oxygen pump technology to fill bone dry high purity oxygen in Cylinders.

Technical Specifications
BDM 50 50 m3/hr 200 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 80 80 m3/hr 320 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 100 100 m3/hr 400 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 130 130 m3/hr 500 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 150 150 m3/hr 600 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 170 170 m3/hr 680 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 200 200 m3/hr 800 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 250 250 m3/hr 1000 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 300 300 m3/hr 1200 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 400 400 m3/hr 1600 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 500 500 m3/hr 2000 99.7% 99.99%
BDM 600 600 m3/hr 2400 99.7% 99.99%

Note : Larger Size Plants also available upto 2000 m3/hr Capacity.